JavaScript reverse minifier using statistical machine translation.

Tool here.

Source code here.

Papers: ESEC/FSE'17.


Python tool that tries to infer a person's gender from their name (mostly first name) and location (country). For example, Andrea is a first name typically used by men in Italy and women in Germany, while Bogdan is a first name typically used by men irrespective of the country. Similarly, a Russian person called Anna Akhmatova is more than likely a woman because of the -ova suffix.

Available here.

Papers: SocialInformatics'12, IWC'13.

Conference metrics

Integrated database of papers and programme committee composition for 11 software engineering conferences: ICSE, ICSM, MSR, ASE, FSE, FASE, WCRE, CSMR, GPCE, ICPC, SCAM.

Available here.

Papers: MSR'13, SciCo'14.

Lean GHTorrent - GitHub data on demand

A service to download GHTorrent (GitHub) data for a user-defined collection of projects.

Available here.

Papers: MSR'14.